Desert Hot Springs, California

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Discover Desert Hot Springs, California

Desert Hot Springs, California
Desert Hot Springs, California

Desert Hot Springs:

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Desert Hot Springs is a remarkably undiscovered getaway that is ideal for recharging the body and mind. Located by the northern edge of the broad Coachella Valley, it is within nine miles of Palm Springs and eighteen miles of Palm Desert. Yet, the unassuming little town is totally unaffected by the glamor of Southern California’s famous desert oases. The quiet burg has its own remarkable feature—some of the purest water and most inviting warm mineral springs pools and tubs in America. Another asset is a nearby view topped by one of the most spectacular vertical reliefs in America. As seen from a base of only 1,000 feet, Mt. San Jacinto and Mt. San Gorgonio tower more than two miles directly above the desert landscape, creating one of the most unique juxtaposi- tions anywhere.

The Desert Hot Springs Aquifer is the source of both hot (up to 180°) and cold water featured in numerous spa lodgings throughout town. The naturally occurring minerals have been shown to have healthful effects, as well as feeling especially silky on your skin. Since it has little sulphur content, the luxuriantly smooth water is odorless. All of the town’s resort pools tap the pure water, so the use of chlorine and other harmful chemicals is minimized to the lowest safe levels. You actually feel refreshed after a swim or soak. As an added bonus, the drinking water in Desert Hot Springs repeatedly wins awards for its purity and fine taste. Spa lodgings feature either mineral water from wells or city water, and either way it’s a healthy treat.

There are more than a dozen mineral springs lodgings in Desert Hot Springs. All are worthy destinations to experience the many bene ts of the water. In this book we have focused on our fteen favorites among the town’s top lodgings. All are clean, comfortable and offer a combination of sybaritic water facilities, impressive desert landscaping and/or mountain views, a multitude of services and amenities, individualized decor, and personality.

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