Ferndale, California

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Discover Ferndale, California

Ferndale, California

Ferndale is California's classic Victorian village. Only four miles inland from the ocean on the broad flat Eel River delta, it is sheltered by mountains that rise abruptly to the south. In this idyllic setting between lush pasturelands and gentle highlands with a rare Sitka spruce forest, the village has successfully avoided both urban sprawl and contrived "old town" renewal.

Off the beaten path, Ferndale continues in gracious serenity thanks to the captivating locale, relatively mild climate, and prosperous bucolic heritage. The whole main street is on the National Historic Register. Meticulously-tended ornate Victorian buildings accented by colorful floral landscapes display a wealth of regional fine arts and crafts and collectibles. Attractions like walks in a primeval forest or hikes on a nearby isolated beach reflect the unique tranquility of this special place.

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