Pacific Grove, California

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Discover Pacific Grove, California

Pacific Grove, California
Carmel, Monterey and Pacific Grove

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Pacific Grove is a seaside haven of tranquility. Situated along a strikingly beautiful coastline where the waters of the Pacific Ocean and Monterey Bay converge, the town is also favored by a mild year-round climate. Drawn by the peaceful setting and the idyllic climate, Methodists founded the town in 1875 as a summer retreat. Strict ordinances on personal behavior lasted for nearly a century. The legacy of the austere settlers was the creation of a genteel haven amidst extravagant surroundings.

Today, shoreline parks, sandy beaches, coves and winding paths frame the ocean and bayside perimeters of town. Easygoing recreation ranges from bicycling to beachcombing. Inland, trim Victorian houses amid colorful gardens line serene tree-shaded streets. The tidy feeling of a traditional Northeastern village has been meticulously retained. Sophisticated galleries, shops, and gourmet restaurants are plentiful. Accommodations range from enchanting Victorian bed-and-breakfast inns to motels near a major forest home of monarch butterflies.

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