South Lake Tahoe, California

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Discover South Lake Tahoe, California

South Lake Tahoe, California

South Lake Tahoe is a peerless recreation wonderland. It is ideally situated in a luxuriant pine forest along the southern shore of one of nature’s most sublime high mountain lakes. Magnificent surroundings are complemented by many sunny days during winter and summer for enjoying the great outdoors. Growth was slow until the 1950s, when construction of major casinos just beyond the Nevada state line and an enormous skiing complex established the town as both a year-round action center and a winter sports capital.

Today, a tight cluster of high-rise casinos nestled against the state line in Nevada offers gambling and big-name entertainment. The adjoining hub of pine-shaded South Lake Tahoe now has a gondola connecting nearby mountaintops with a burgeoning downtown, plus a miles-long “main drag,” both filled with lively entertainment of all sorts and enough lodgings and restaurants to serve the throngs of visitors here primarily to enjoy the area’s natural grandeur in every season.

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