St. Helena, California

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Discover St. Helena, California

St. Helena, California

St. Helena is the heart of America’s most illustrious wine-producing valley. In every direction beyond the compact town, a sea of vineyards splashes against gentle oak-covered mountains. The village, founded in 1853, was flourishing as a farming center when grape growing and wine production began after the Civil War. Talented wine makers, ideal soil conditions and a mild sunny climate led to premium wine production.

Napa Valley is still the nation’s most renowned wine-making region. Today, hundreds of diverse landmark wineries are the main attraction. St. Helena retains its village charm in spite of visiting hordes every weekend clogging the roadways. The tidy business district features romantic little parks for picnics beneath noble shade trees. A concentration of gourmet restaurants, stylish inns and plush lodges in and around town offer havens of tranquility for romance and relaxation. Recreation is focused on unlimited opportunities for exploring world-class wineries, plus hiking, bicycling, and water recreation on nearby Lake Berryessa.

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