Durango, Colorado

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Discover Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado
Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado:

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Durango is the recreation center of the Southern Rocky Mountains. It is in an ideal location bordered by pine-and-juniper-covered benchlands along the Animas River. Here is the natural gateway to the spectacular San Juan Mountains. To the south are the colorful mesas and plateaus of the vast Southwestern desert. In addition to its appeal to recreationalists with unlimited four-season sports, the town has become a major destination for a wealth of sophisticated arts, foods, and lodgings. Attractions are also abundant, including some of the finest in America (like the Durango-to-Silverton train ride and the “soaring” adventure). In spite of its great appeal to travelers, Durango retains a beguiling charm that continues to feel like an all-American hometown.

Downtown, the well-landscaped main street is lined with massive brick Victorians and carefully integrated newer structures housing many fine art galleries, restaurants, and specialty shops. Here is also one of the nation’s best collections of saloons, live theaters and hotels that perpetuate the spirit of the Old West.

With as many restaurants per capita as San Francisco, the quality, value, and variety of cuisine is outstanding. The highly strollable main street and side streets abound with independently owned dining venues. Another feature is the fact that exciting food options are readily available for all meals for consistently reasonable prices. Coupled with the unusually impressive food quality is a fine collection of local breweries and other Durango-made products.


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