Estes Park, Colorado

One of the 100

Great Towns of America


The Baldpate Inn

Baldpate in Estes Park, Colorado Baldpate in Estes Park, Colorado

4900 S. Hwy. 7
Estes Park, Colorado
Lunch and Dinner.

The Baldpate Inn features a notable soup-and-salad buffet. Distinctive soups available each night like hearty beef stew or classic French onion soup are supported by spinach and lettuce greens with an array of toppings and some specialty salads, in addition to several cheeses. Outstanding housemade honey wheat bread and luscious cornbread are also usually available along with distinctive muffins or rolls.

Flavorful homebaked pies can top off each meal. Guests have a choice of the historic dining room or most notably, a glassed-in dining porch with a superb view of the Estes Park area far below. Furnishings have been skillfully lovingly maintained from the inn’s beginning in 1917.

Overnight accommodations are available ranging from cozy nostalgic rooms in the inn (some with bathrooms down the hall) to tucked-away cottages with bathrooms.

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