Pagosa Springs, Colorado

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Discover Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Pagosa Springs is a captivating hotbed of earthly steaming delights. The town is surrounded by pine forests and lush rangeland, backed by a vast alpine wilderness. It was no accident that the site next to the beautiful San Juan River amidst some of the largest and hottest springs on earth was soon famous. By the 1860s, travelers began arriving to experience the springs’ medicinal healing powers, and the first bathhouse was built in 1881. Railroad travel was supplanted in the 1950s when road travelers started coming to “take the waters.” In the 1990s the original funky springs enclosures were converted into a world-class attraction.

Today, Pagosa Springs is hot in more ways than water temperatures. The success of the Springs Resort facilities, coupled with a desirable four-season climate and recreation bonanza in the adjoining Rocky Mountains, is fueling a new boom. Quality restaurants and lodgings are being added throughout the area to serve the growing interest in this unique town.

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