Telluride, Colorado

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Discover Telluride, Colorado

Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is a peerless Victorian relic with a silver-lined past and a solid gold future. Some of the nation’s highest peaks tower majestically above pine-covered slopes that rise precipitously from the level floor of a narrow little valley almost 9,000 feet above sea level. Within earshot, the state’s highest waterfall tumbles into the box canyon at the head of the valley and becomes a major stream through town. Telluride was founded as a silver and gold mining boomtown in the 1870s, with sturdy brick buildings and a wild reputation for its gaming and sporting house district. But, only about 500 residents remained a century later when the Telluride Ski Area opened, and the “white gold” boom began.

Today, the skiing complex has become one of the most exalted in the nation, and the whole town is a National Historic Landmark. The charming business district is lined with galleries and specialty shops, fascinating saloons, distinctive restaurants, and lodgings ranging from converted boarding houses to luxurious condo hotels.

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