Key West, Florida

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Discover Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida

Key West is the most flamboyant fun-loving town in America. Far out in the Atlantic Ocean by the Gulf of Mexico lies an eight-square-mile island that is a treasury of natural and manmade earthly distractions. Just offshore is the longest living coral reef in the western hemisphere. Here is America’s only major town accessible by road that has never seen snow or frost. After a century as a naval and maritime island outpost, real growth followed completion in 1938 of the Overseas Highway that extends for more than one hundred miles from the Florida mainland via bridges and islands. Mainlanders in search of a tropical paradise have been flocking here ever since.

Today, coconut palms and fragrant plumeria trees flourish along white sand beaches. Blocks of historic flower-trimmed buildings house a beguiling profusion of galleries and shops, restaurants, open-air bars, theaters, quaint inns and waterfront hotels that all proudly display Key West’s cosmopolitan conviviality and audacious sensuality.

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