Ketchum, Idaho

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Discover Ketchum, Idaho

Ketchum, Idaho

Ketchum is the unheralded gateway to a vast mountain realm. Well over a mile high, this agreeable blend of the Old and New West occupies an attractive little river valley at the base of a towering mountain. To the north, jagged peaks of the Sawtooth Range accent an enormous wilderness with endless pine forests, clear lakes, and rushing streams. Ketchum, founded in 1881 as a supply point for surrounding silver mines, later became the largest sheep shipping station in the nation. In 1936, the Union Pacific Railroad established “Sun Valley” one mile east. The West’s first ski resort was soon famous.

Today, the Sun Valley Resort continues as a renowned getaway, and Ketchum has secured its future as both a winter and summer destination. The compact town center houses a fine assortment of public sculpture, art galleries, Western ware shops, gourmet food stores, and bars with live entertainment. Excellent restaurants and lodgings downtown and nearby cater to throngs of travelers intent on experiencing the real West.

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