Chatham, Massachusetts

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Discover Chatham, Massachusetts

Chatham, Massachusetts

Chatham is the most comely community on Cape Cod. Sequestered at “the elbow” of the arm-shaped peninsula, it is nearly surrounded by quiet harbors where the Atlantic Ocean and Nantucket Sound meet. Founded in 1656, the settlement soon prospered from farming and fishing. Growth has been slow and decorous, even after Cape Cod National Seashore was created in 1961.

Today, surrounding woodlands and shorelines of ocean beaches and bays remain unspoiled in spite of ever-increasing demand for recreation. The past is proudly preserved in classic New England-style whitewashed churches, trim homes (many serving as bed-and-breakfasts) and colorful gardens showcased behind white picket fences. Downtown is a delightful array of cosmopolitan restaurants and shops featuring regional art, crafts, antiques and gourmet treats. Handsome historic inns, including a landmark inn by a popular park and a nearby major resort by a sandy beach, typify the timeless romance of the Cape Cod style.

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