Traverse City, Michigan

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Discover Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City is one of America’s most complete four-season recreation and culture capitals. The two long arms of Lake Michigan’s spectacular Grand Traverse Bay end in town. All around are hills with ski areas, small lakes, gentle rivers bordered by hardwoods, and extensive fruit orchards and vineyards. Nearby along the lake are some of America’s largest sand dunes. The town began as a logging camp shortly before the Civil War. Growth was steady thanks to the development of cherry orchards and a wealth of recreation and cultural facilities.

Today, Traverse City is one of the world’s top cherry-growing areas, and it is a flourishing travel destination. Next to a bayfront park, stylish historic and contemporary buildings line tree-shaded streets downtown with a compelling diversity of galleries, specialty shops, restaurants, nightlife and a landmark hotel. Miles of sandy beaches in town extend to all sorts of lodgings, including Michigan’s largest resort.

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