Whitefish, Montana

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Discover Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish is the frisky Wild West in a classic Rocky Mountain setting. It occupies a luxuriant pine forest along the shore of a sheltered mountain-rimmed lake. Nearby to the east are the ragged peaks of Glacier National Park. The town prospered after the arrival of the transcontinental railroad in the late 19th century as both a switchyard and logging center. Much later, construction of a major ski area on a big mountain overlooking downtown and development of lakeside parks finally established Whitefish as a year-round visitor destination.

A major railroad switchyard still frames downtown. Rustic wood-trimmed buildings include saloons featuring drinking, dancing, and legal gambling; and atmospheric restaurants, art galleries, and specialty shops reflecting Western style. Newer motels, bed-and-breakfast inns and resorts are sprinkled downtown, by a golf course, on the lakefront, along the river, and at the ski area to better serve visitors enjoying the wide range of summer and winter recreation opportunities.

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