Manteo, North Carolina

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Discover Manteo, North Carolina

Manteo, North Carolina

Manteo is the gateway to a vast saltwater playground. Secluded in a forest at the northern end of Roanoke Island, it is linked to the mainland and to the Outer Banks by bridges. These barrier islands provide a buffer more than 100 miles long between the Atlantic Ocean and sheltered sounds around Manteo’s island. The town adjoins “the Lost Colony” site. Settled in 1585 by the first English colonists in the New World, it was mysteriously abandoned by 1590. Manteo was resettled nearly 300 years later.

Today Manteo is a vital village. Historic sites are proudly maintained, along with contemporary recreation facilities including major state parks, scenic bike paths, waterfront parks, marinas and a major aquarium. The picturesque town center by a sheltered bay has a few specialty shops, good restaurants and two of the region’s best lodgings. Nearby to the east, villages sprinkled between ocean beaches and broad sounds on the Outer Banks have many additional facilities for visitors. Many businesses close during some or all of the winter months.

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