Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Discover Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is an artistic haven in an enchanting coastal setting. Whitewashed and weathered-wood cottages and quaint specialty shops border three miles of broad “singing sands” beaches backed by low dunes and Haystack Rock, one of the world’s largest coastal monoliths. Inland, a natural amphi-theater of wooded hills extends in a graceful curve to a massive seaward headland. State parks and forests that encircle the village assure preservation of the wealth of scenic attractions in the area, while providing an impressive variety of recreation opportunities. Summer attracts capacity crowds enjoying all sorts of beach-oriented recreation. Winters are a compelling spectacle of almost continuous rainstorms and wind-whipped storm surf.

Although the setting was admired by Lewis and Clark during the expedition of 1805, settlement was slow, appealing primarily to vacationers seeking coastal recreation and sylvan tranquility. Since the 1960s, improved auto access quickened the pace of visitor-oriented developments by merchants (mostly artisans and dreamers) inspired by the grand location.

Cannon Beach is still a village in which the artistry of residents is apparent everywhere–in subtleties of human-scaled architecture; abundant flowers and meticulous gardens; memorable public sculptures; and an acclaimed playhouse offering year-round live entertainment. Numerous studios and galleries display first-rate local handicrafts and artwork. Restaurants are plentiful. Lodgings include many posh oceanfront rooms in facilities loaded with romantic amenities.

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