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Sisters, Oregon

Sisters is a celebration of the artistic sensibilities and natural grandeur of the Old West. Dramatically overseen by the three “sister” peaks (Faith, Hope, and Charity) from which its name is derived, this unassuming village is clearly inspired by its favored natural setting. A full four-season climate provides all sorts of recreation opportunities amid idyllic alpine settings. In addition, townsfolk hail the arrival of warm weather with luxuriant seasonal floral displays throughout the stylish downtown.

Sisters was given its distinctive name in the 1880s when trappers and loggers settled here to take advantage of abundant resources in surrounding forests. Growth was slow–and set back when major fires destroyed much of the town. In recent years, improvements in recreation equipment and clothing have boosted travelers’ interest in Sisters toward its ultimate role as a major tourist destination. Copious local pine wood and sensitivity of locals to the special site has fostered a woodsy Old West architectural style perfectly attuned to the alpine setting.

The charming downtown now showcases art galleries; specialty shops featuring local arts, crafts and foods; good restaurants; and delightful bed-and-breakfast inns. Lodgings in the pines provide another way to enjoy the unspoiled setting. Outdoor recreation is passionately embraced, with opportunities galore to use surrounding forests, rivers, and mountains. The infectious beauty of the setting is reflected in an uncommon prevalence of friendly villagers in a place where people choose to live just because they really like being here.

For more information, go to Sisters Area Chamber of Commerce.


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