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Discover San Marcos, Texas

San Marcos, Texas

San Marcos is a gateway to the Texas Hill Country. It is favored by both a choice location and a rich heritage. Enormous, clear springs gush from the base of an escarpment where the hills and plains meet. The resulting Spring Lake and San Marcos River led to the town’s founding in 1851. With abundant water and good soil, growth was steady, enhanced after the turn of the century by a state college and a major tourist attraction.

The spring lake is still an attraction. The gentle crystal-clear river where people love to swim, tube, snorkel, fish and canoe year-round is now the town’s centerpiece. A wealth of Victorian buildings also contributes to local charm. So do the shared cultural and recreational facilities of a major university adjoining the city center and river. San Marcos also has one of the nation’s largest complexes of outlet centers (well over 200 shops). Predictably, downtown is now struggling back toward its earlier status as the economic heart of the region. Restaurants, bars and lodgings are predominantly ordinary, with a few exceptions.

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