Williamsburg, Virginia

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Discover Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg is the preeminent showplace of Colonial Americana. Woodlands surround the choice site on a peninsula between tidewater reaches of the James and York Rivers. Settlement began in 1633. In 1693 a college was chartered, and in 1699, the newly planned and renamed village of Williamsburg served (for eighty years) as the capital of the Virginia Colony. It continued as a quiet little college town until 1926, when John D. Rockefeller began restoration of the central area.

Today the Historic Area is a peerless treasury of original and authentic re-creations of stately Colonial public buildings, homes, shops and taverns. Many are outfitted with period artifacts, costumed interpreters, and craftsmen plying their age-old trades. Compatible modern shops feature Virginia specialties near the College of William and Mary–still vital after more than 300 years. Nearby are Historic Jamestowne and Yorktown; Busch Gardens and Water Country USA theme parks; and abundant distinctive lodgings.

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