La Conner, Washington

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Discover La Conner, Washington

La Conner, Washington

La Conner is the hidden gem of the Pacific Northwest. The village is sequestered along the mainland by a natural channel of Puget Sound. Rich, unfenced farmlands to the east are framed by the Cascade Range and the glacial crest of majestic Mt. Baker. Farmers, traders and fishermen began settling here in the 1870s. But, La Conner remained a backwater until a century later when the area’s beauty began to attract artists and craftsmen.

Today, La Conner has one of the most charming business districts in the West. Flowery landscaping and waterfront miniparks intersperse historic buildings filled with first-rate studios, galleries, antique stores, and shops emphasizing Northwestern collectibles. Restaurants and lodgings are unconventional and artistic, with special appeal to romantics attracted by the vibrant village, pastoral countryside, and scenic waterway and marinas connected to a maze of fiord-like channels and islands sheltered from the ocean by the Olympic Mountains.

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