Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

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Discover Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells is the world’s water wonderland. Whether the weather is warm or wintery, the waters will welcome you. The town is located by a picturesque gorge of the Wisconsin River among lush woodlands and farms punctuated by sylvan hills. Founded in 1856 as Kilbourn, its name was changed in 1931 to capitalize on its preeminent natural attraction.

Today, Wisconsin Dells is to water what Las Vegas is to glitz. It is a peerless playground for everyone from eight to eighty. The dramatic gorge is more popular than ever. Downtown teems with family-oriented amusements, souvenir shops, and food outlets. Continuing on the other side of the river for four miles south, the Wisconsin Dells Parkway is lined on both sides by a bonanza of water attractions, diversions of all kinds, dining and drinking places, shops full of treasures and trinkets, and lodgings. Superabundant accommodations showcase America’s greatest assortment of adventurous water features for fun-loving adults as well as families here to experience the town’s rambunctious spirit.

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