Bigfork, Montana

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Moroldo’s Ristorante

Moroldo's fine cuisine Moroldo's fine cuisine

7951 Highway 35

Bigfork, Montana


Dinner only

Moroldo's dessert

In Moroldo's, you will find a quintessential example of the time-honored Italian way—where food is prepared slowly and carefully, and guests enjoy it at a leisurely pace. Classic Northern Italian specialties and creative contemporary adaptations are skillfully prepared from quality seasonal ingredients. All of the desserts are homemade and similarly luscious, topped by an authentic tiramisu that is one of the West’s best. The freestanding restaurant tucked away on a hilltop is outfitted with casual elegance in a stylish room with a central see-through stone fireplace that contributes to the easygoing appeal of some of the region’s most sophisticated culinary delights.

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